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Welcome to CVTPDF!    V2.3 Now Available!

CVTPDF is the premier AS400 iSeries spool file to PDF conversion software
available today.  CVTPDF can convert AS400 spool files to PDF format for offline
storage on inexpensive server drives, to e-mail reports, split spool files into separate
PDF files, and even change the fonts and import images to drastically improve the
presentation of reports for your customers!

Some of CVTPDF Features:

  • Native AS/400 program, no PC software!
  • No programming required!
  • Automatic, hands-off conversion of spool files to
  • Change the Fonts to improve the presentation of
    invoices or other reports!
  • Import images!
  • Draw graphic boxes, cirles, and curves!
  • Convert spool files directly to IFS!
  • Menu driven interface, or convert to PDF directly
    from within your programs!
  • Simple formatting commands can be applied to
    the PDF from an external definition or placed
    directly in the spool file for automatic conversion!
  • E-Mail the resulting PDF files!
...And much more!  Download CVTPDF and try it now!
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